Makayla's Secret Page!!

Yay, you found my secret page!!!

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to my special secret page! You found it!  I’m so glad.

My name is Makayla Dale, though you can call me KD (Kaler Daler) for short!

Makayla the dog
It me!

I am the social director for Apple Country Farm Market, which is a Very Important Job.

My main sponserbilaries are overseeing my playground area and the KD Mining area.

My other sponserbilaries including being very happy and saying hello to all the visitors because I love them all so much.

My take home pay after taxes are many treats and pets and I love my job. I am the luckiest social director in the world!

Let me tell you about things!

USS Makayla pirate ship playground

Come set sail on the greatest ship ever, the U.S.S. Makayla! Did you know it was named after me? It’s true no foolin’!

You should also come for a ride on the KD Express 2323! Did you know it was also named after me? Haha, bet I fooled ya!  KD is my special nickname!

KD Express train playground set

Oh and before you leave, make sure to check out my KD Mining Company! It’s so much fun!

KD Mining setup

We gotta play nice though, okay?

Please follow the rules!

Be courteous with others as you play. Courteous means nice! No pushing others and don’t hurt anybody, and take turns please!

Be safe! Make sure Mom or Dad or an adult you know is watching over you. Just like me, you play at your own risk!

ACFM's resident dog named Makayla
This how happy I am when you follow the rules! Thank you!

Thanks for visiting my secret page!

I can’t wait to see you soon at Apple Country Farm Market! Get here soon!

ACFM's resident dog named Makayla
Thee yhou thoon!