The KD Mining Company consists of a 40’ wooden panning sluice with a 16’ water tower and five waterfalls. Miners select the type of stone package that they would like to mine and then are given a pan in which to pan their treasures and take home with them.

The KD Mining Company is an experience for miners to learn about the different gemstones, arrowheads, fossils, shark teeth and more – and a bit about the history behind prospect mining. It’s a great activity for birthday parties, an excellent tool for school teachers and provides both education and a great hands-on participatory activity for kids. With that said – this is not just for kids as all ages enjoy panning for treasures!

KD Mining is named after our beloved Golden Retriever – Makayla – nicknamed KD!

Mining Packages Available:

  • Prospector: $5/bag 3+ oz. of gemstone mix 2 lbs of sand Educational gemstone ID postcard Take home collection bag
  • Paydirt: $6/bag 6+oz. of gemstone mix 3 lbs sand Educational gemstone ID postcard Take home collection bag
  • Arrowhead Find: $6/bag 7 stone arrowheads 3 lbs of sand Take home collection bag
  • Fossil Find: $7/bag 4+ oz. of fossil mix 1/2 oz. of shark teeth 3 lbs of sand Educational fossil ID postcard Take home collection bag

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